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JJ Lin 林俊傑 “Always Online” Lyrics, Translations & Romanization

Posted on: October 12, 2008

Always Online

Lyrics: Lin Yi Feng. Music: JJ Lin

變色的生活 任性的挑撥 A colour-changing life with stubborn tensions
bian se de sheng huo ren xing de tiao po
瘋狂的冒出了頭 Crazily emerges
feng kuang de mao chu le tou

單方的守候試探的溫柔 The gentleness being tested by a single party abiding by you
dan fang de shou hou shi tan de wen rou
還是少了點什麼 But it seems like something is still missing
hai shi shao le dian shen me

遙遠 兩端 愛掛在天空飛 Into the distance, love flies in the skies
yao yuan liang duan ai gua zai tian kong fei
風停了也無所謂 It doesn’t matter if the wind stops
feng ting le ye wu suo wei
只因為你總說 Just because you always say
zhi ying wei ni zong shuo
Everything will be okay

準備好了321Are you ready 321
zhun bei hao le 321
I’m always online
和你1 to 1 With you 1 to 1
he ni 1 to 1
愛開始擴散 Love starts to spread
ai kai shi kuo san
我們連結了 穿越 天空 銀河 oh…oh… We become one, flying past the sky, silver river oh…oh…
wo men lian jie le chuan yue tian kong yin he

開始倒數321 Counting down 321
kai shi dao shu 321
刪除我的孤單 Deleting away my loneliness
shan chu wo de gu dan
More and more盡是深刻 More and more becoming memorable
More and more jin shi shen ke
愛亮了 愛笑了 I’m always online Love brightens up, love smiles, I’m always online
ai liang le ai xiao le I’m always online

Translated by me ^^;; Source:


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love this song

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  • Tommy: i love this song :) The lyrics are soo true just wish one day i have someone to sing it to :)
  • me: love this song
  • monika: great translation, helps a lot!


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